Firetop Mountain - Interesting Games

What are interesting games? You let me know if you see any and I'll try to include them here. Just for a start I'll add some games I found interesting for one reason or another.


What's interestingBattleComments
The longest melee 82 Rounds Battle A900 Started off with four mages. By round 35 there were but two remaining. After that it is a long defensive/healing duel. All that and rude comments too!
The most mages in a single battle 30 Battle A768 30 mages - 10 users with 3 mages each! Amazingly, NONE of the mages forfeited. The first death was on round 7, with 12 more mages dying on round 9 and another 8 on round 10. Only five mages survived this battle.
The most monsters successfully summonned 18 Battle A1033 Another big melee with 14 mages (1 forfeit). A giant and a goblin were left standing at the end of the 57 round battle. A total of 18 monsters were summonned: 2 giants, 2 trolls, 4 ogres, 8 goblins and 2 fire elementals.


What's interestingBattleComments
The longest duel 77 Rounds Battle A1623 This is not pretty.
The most monsters successfully summonned 13 Battle B1251 9 Goblins, 4 Ogres. GreenishMauve - Ugh.
Many cancelling enchantments Battle A1966 Almost all the enchantments in this short duel were cancelled by other enchantments cast upon the intended victim.