Old LoA games

a64, b53, c56, d62, e51, f16, g23, g73, h56, j45, a14, a16, a23, a25, a27, a31, a34, a36, a42, a45, a47, a51, a53, a56, a62, a67, a71, a73, a75, b12, b14, b16, b23, b25, b31, b34, b36, b42, b45, b51, b56, b62, b64, c12, c14, c16, c23, c25, c31, c34, c36, c42, c45, c51, c53, c62, c64, d12, d14, d16, d23, d25, d31, d34, d36, d42, d45, d51, d53, d56, d64, e12, e14, e16, e18, e23, e25, e27, e31, e34, e36, e38, e42, e45, e47, e53, e56, e58, e62, e64, e67, e71, e73, e75, e78, e82, e84, e86, f12, f14, f23, f25, f31, f34, f36, f42, f45, f51, f53, f56, f62, f64, g12, g14, g16, g25, g27, g31, g34, g36, g42, g45, g47, g51, g53, g56, g62, g64, g67, g71, g75, h12, h14, h16, h23, h25, h27, h31, h34, h36, h42, h45, h47, h51, h53, h62, h64, h67, h71, h73, h75, j12, j14, j16, j23, j25, j31, j34, j36, j42, j51, j53, j56, j62, j64, a12

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