Old Renju games

a0401, a0510, a0804, a1004, b0208, b0509, b1005, c0207, c0503, c0710, d0208, d0507, d0708, a0103, a0104, a0105, a0108, a0201, a0205, a0301, a0304, a0308, a0310, a0403, a0405, a0406, a0408, a0501, a0502, a0503, a0504, a0508, a0509, a0604, a0605, a0609, a0703, a0704, a0705, a0708, a0710, a0801, a0802, a0805, a0807, a0809, a0810, a0901, a0902, a0908, a0910, a1001, a1003, a1005, a1006, a1008, a1009, b0103, b0105, b0110, b0203, b0205, b0207, b0209, b0210, b0302, b0305, b0310, b0501, b0502, b0503, b0507, b0508, b0510, b0705, b0710, b0802, b0805, b0807, b0910, b1001, b1002, b1003, b1007, b1008, c0102, c0103, c0105, c0106, c0110, c0201, c0203, c0205, c0210, c0302, c0305, c0307, c0401, c0403, c0406, c0410, c0501, c0502, c0507, c0510, c0601, c0604, c0605, c0607, c0610, c0701, c0703, c0705, c1003, c1004, c1005, c1006, c1007, d0105, d0106, d0107, d0205, d0206, d0305, d0307, d0403, d0405, d0407, d0410, d0502, d0503, d0504, d0506, d0508, d0510, d0602, d0604, d0605, d0607, d0703, d0704, d0705, d0706, d0802, d0805, d0807, d1002, d1003, d1006, a0102

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