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Help For D-Pente


Welcome to the network D-Pente server. The rules of D-Pente are below. The commands are the same for all pbmserv games.

Rules of D-Pente

D-Pente is the same as 2- player Pente except for the following opening rules suggested by Don Banks:

Players are initially referred to as "tentative Ohs" and "tentative Eks".

Move #1.
Ohs first move of the game is automatically made to the center K10.
Move #2.
Tentative Eks makes THREE moves "move1,move2,move3". Move1 places an 'X'. Move2 places an 'O'. Move3 places an 'X'. There are NO placement restrictions on these three moves, move2 MAY be within 2 of the center.
Move #3a.
Tentative Ohs has option to swap sides. (d-pente move BOARD# USERID PASSWORD swap)
Move #3b.
Ohs makes an unrestricted move and play continues normally.
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