Help For Draughts to the Max


Welcome to the network Draughts to the Max server. The Rules of Draughts to the Max are below. The maxdraughts "challenge" and "set" commands are described here. Other commands are the same for all pbmserv games.

maxdraughts challenge userid1 userid2 [ -small | -large ]
Start a new game between userid1 and userid2.

The -small option creates an 8x8 game of maxdraughts.

The -large option creates a 12x12 game of maxdraughts.

maxdraughts set userid password [ options ]
maxdraughts move board userid password option
Selects optional ways of viewing the board. Available options:
    flip    : Rotate the board if you are playing Black (default)
    noflip  : White is always at the bottom.

    large   : Large board display (default)
    small   : Small board display

Rules of Draughts to the Max

Draughts to the Max is an obvious extension of Checkers to the Max™ invented by Stan Druben. It is played in exactly the same way as Draughts except for the following differences:
  • All pieces start off the board in the player's hand.
  • Instead of making a normal move, a player can drop one of his in-hand pieces onto the board, onto any of the spaces which his pieces would normally start on.
  • Capturing still takes precedence over dropping pieces.
  • The games ends when one player has no legal capture, move, or drop. That player loses the game.

The notation for a drop is a single coordinate of the space where the piece should be dropped. (e.g. D4)

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