Welcome to the network Perudo server. The rules of Perudo are below. The challenge and move commands for Perudo are described here. Other commands are the same for all pbmserv games.

Perudo Command Summary

perudo challenge [ parameters ] userid1 userid2 userid3 userid4 userid5 userid6
Start a new game. Two to six players can play. Four or more is best.


Players will play in the order specified. The default is to randomize player order at the beginning of the game.

perudo move board userid password move
Make a move on the specified board (if it is your turn). There are two different types of move that can be made.

To bid that there are at least 4 dice showing a two, the command would be:

Perudo move board user password 4-2s

If you think the previous bid is wrong you may call with this:

Perudo move board user password call
Perudo move board user password dudo

Rules for Perudo


Perudo is a form of Liar's Dice. It is a game of bidding and bluffing. The bids get higher and higher until someone calls. If you fail to make your bid, and someone calls, you lose dice. If you make your bid when they call, they lose dice. The last person with dice wins.


Each player starts the game with 5 dice, which are randomly rolled. You only see your dice, but you are bidding on how many total dice of all the players will show a certain number. The start player must make a bid. Once the start player bids, the next player in order must either raise the bid, or call. If they raise the bid, the next player in order must decide to raise the bid or call. Play continues until someone calls.

A player can raise a bid in one of three ways. They can either raise the number of total dice in the bid, or the number on the dice, or both.

For example:

    If the starting bid is                            
          3-2s  (three dice showing a two)

    The next player could raise the bid to         
          3-5s  (three dice showing a five)
    Or    4-2s  (four dice showing a two)
    Or    5-6s  (five dice showing a six)

As long as one of the numbers in the bid goes up, the bid is legal. You can raise the bid just a little, or a lot. You do not have to bid numbers that you have. Bluffing is a part of the game.

If you do not think a player's bid is correct, you can call (say dudu). At this point, all dice are revealed. If there are at least as many dice as the person bid, the caller loses one of their dice. If there are not as many dice as the person bid, they lose one of their dice.

Play then begins with the person who guessed correctly as the start player.


The game ends when only one player has dice left.