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Re: [DL] Vampires in Mexico

Reminds me of Paladium's Rifts setting where most of Central and South
America is a haven for vampires and an issue or two of Rifter had
articles concerning and entire army of vampires being trained in
military tactics in order of cross the border and invade N. America...


Michael Robert Blair wrote:
> I was rereading South O' the Border when something
> occured to me. Apologies if this is old hat.
> The Emperor of Mexico was Austro-Hungarian. The
> eastern territories of the empire are prime vampire
> country...
> I see a unit led by a general who travels in a sealed
> black coach by day.
> The novel 'The Silver Skull' by Les Daniels has a
> Spanish vampire in Mexico during the Conquest. Useful
> stuff.
> Michael
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