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[DL] Interesting note about a tumbleweed

From a post on rec.motorcycles.harley:

First, tumbleweeds are not as soft as I thought they were.

Me and the old lady were riding through the Oklahoma panhandle in
early May on our way out to Sante Fe. A ferocious cross-wind was
blowing, not making the trip any easier. We were dodging tumbleweeds
on and off when one jumps out of the ditch and BAM! shatters the
windshield, bruises my leg and takes everything but the bike's key off
the key chain. Damn, I had to buy a new lock because the other key was
at home.

I always thought they were somewhat soft, too.  It might be interesting
to surprise a posse with a normal tumbleweed, blown hard by the wind,
that beats them up.  Watch them try to treat it like a tumblebleed...:-)