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[PyrNet-L] Re: [PyrNet-L] test of the new list

I am so glad the list is back!!!  I have missed it. Hopefully it will be
used for the purpose it was intended.          Joy McCarron (Maggie's Mom)
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From: Richard Rognlie <rrognlie@gamerz.net>
To: pyrnet-l@gamerz.net <pyrnet-l@gamerz.net>
Date: Friday, April 02, 1999 12:26 AM
Subject: [PyrNet-L] test of the new list

>I have good news...
>The list is back up.
>I have bad news...
>for the short term we will be monitoring and manually approving
>postings to the list.  My apologies, but it seems the best way
>to ensure that traffic intended for the list is appropriate for
>the list.
>Once things have settled down a bit, we hope to make the list
>an open forum again.
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