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[PyrNet-L] Re: [PyrNet-L] Hi Y'all!

First no Pyr-list, then no phone....we are really doing well here?!  Glad
it is finally back up.  Hope everyone  had fun this past weekend!

On Monday the 29th., my motley crew turned one year old!  Credit to us
all.....everyone survived....I may have a little more gray hair, from
some of the years escapades keeping up with four pups, but all in all, I
consider them a real  treasure and love having the steady supply of
cuddly bodies that snuggle up so happily with us any chance they get.  So
to my white fluffy kids, Happy Birthday to,
Ranger, Kemosabi, Silver, and Polar Bear, and may you all have many many

Now, where did we leave off on this list before the interruption?     
Wait......I meant the good  dog stuff....honest!      Cindy.

Cindy Henke
Ennis, Texas

"All knowledge, the totality of all questions and answers, is contained
in the dog."  ~ Franz Kafka