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[PyrNet-L] Febreze

Hi Cindy,

I'm new to the list.  I have a 15 mo. old male Pyr, Zeke.  I have been on 
long enough to see the thing about Febreze and had just seen a notice in the 
local paper here in NH about it.  The notice says that several dogs and birds 
have died recently from having inhaled the fumes from or having had their 
bedding sprayed with Febreze.  I had just sprayed Zeke's bed with it so I 
immediately washed it.

Then the posting of the ASPCA article showed up on this list.  I didn't write 
down the site address but basically it says that they are investigating but 
presently they feel there's no proof of it causing harm to dogs.  Also, it 
says you should not spray it in a closed area where you might have a bird who 
could breathe the fumes in.  

Hope this helps.  Love this list.

Matty Costa
Kimba's (cat), Zeke's (my baby) and Tina's (tiny Shih-Tzu) mom
oh, and also mom to four (human) kids