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Re: [PyrNet-L] EVENTS, CHAT: Clondike show photos

WOW!!!!! BOW WOW!!!!   How do you whistle over the computer????  She looks
gorgeous!!!!!!!!!  Don't think Dave could do all that without the great body
he had to work with.    Loved the Brussel Sprout Bouquet!
Congratulations to Clondike and her proud parents!!!   Joy McCarron
(Maggie's Mom)  xxoo
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Date: Tuesday, April 06, 1999 4:14 AM
Subject: [PyrNet-L] EVENTS, CHAT: Clondike show photos

>For Clondike's many fans in cyberspace, Penny Pyrbred has created a
>(rather long) page of photos documenting her 2 minutes as a show dog at
>the 1999 GPCA National Specialty in Chicago.  Photos of the BOB and other
>celebrities will follow shortly.  Clondike can be accessed directly at:
>Please be patient, this was a "once in a lifetime" event and Penny got a
>little carried away with the number of photos on this page.
>David (for Penny)
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