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Re: [PyrNet-L] CHAT, EVENTS: Clondike does Chicago (fwd)

How wonderful!!  It sounds like Clondike had a marvelous time at the
Nationals.  What a girl she is!!!
I'm sure Nancy is right to plan for CA next year!!!     Joy McCarron
(Maggie's Mom )  :-)
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Date: Tuesday, April 06, 1999 4:14 AM
Subject: [PyrNet-L] CHAT, EVENTS: Clondike does Chicago (fwd)

>Dear Pyrnet Folks,
>The message below was posted while PyrNet was still down.  As you may have
>seen, Clondike is doing very well since showing in Chicago, but some of
>you missed the story of the show and the many people who made it
>possible--so here it is--better late than never.
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>Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 18:07:21 -0500
>Subject: CHAT, EVENTS: Clondike does Chicago
>Well, folks, Clondike Blanche Neige, CGC, TDI,VA showed in Veterans at the
>GPCA National and had the distinction of being the oldest Pyr entered by 3
>days!  She placed 2nd in a class of 2, but she had a great time and met a
>lot of great people.  Not too shabby for a puppy mill dog from KS who had
>never apPyred in a point show before (handled by a terror-struck human who
>also had no prior show experience).  Clondike might have showed with a tad
>more pizzaz if the ring time hadn't been 8:30 am--NOT a morning dog!
>The Chicago Club put on a fantastic show!!!!  Thanks folks.
>Special thanks to:
>Tami McKenna for an amazing floral arrangement featuring fresh
>brussels sprouts (photos to appear soon on Penny Pyrbred's Web Page).
>Also for taking great photos which she had developed and mounted in a
>handsome album by the time the banquet started Saturday night.
>Mary Beth Vaudrin (spelling may be wrong--sorry) who produced
>pins featuring brussels sprouts which she distributed to Clondike's fan
>club.  It seemed they were everywhere!!
>Dianne Migas for flying out at the last minute and kidnapping Barb Bowes
>to come along.  It was even more special a moment when shared with these
>devoted Clondike supporters.
>Buff Boy (Gunner Migas) for the dozen roses that arrived the night before
>the show to cheer on Ms. Clondike.
>The judge for treating Clondike with respect.
>Lara Spears and La Neige for providing classy competition.
>Dave Simon for grooming Clondike so she looked SOMETHING like a show dog
>and felt MUCH more correct.  She really looked magnificent!!!!
>Barb Bowes for last minute handling instruction.  More was needed, but it
>was a great help.
>Janet Ingram for general moral support and advice.
>Everyone who cheered and then gathered around to photograph Clondike
>munching brussels sprouts--it looked like the crowd around Lindberg when
>he arrived in France!  Clondike graciously consented to a "photo op" at
>All the list members who have helped us deal with a really rocky 10
>months--your support has meant more than we can ever tell you!!!
>And finally (well, I probably will think of others to add--I'm really
>tired), the vets and research scientists who have developed the treatments
>for lymphoma that have given us an additional 10 months (AND COUNTING--to
>my touch she is still in full remission) of time with our girl.
>Nancy is already talking about CA next year.  Pretty unlikely, but with
>Clondike you just never know!!
>David, Nancy and Clondike (show dog for a day)
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