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[PyrNet-L] For Boris


I have a few thoughts about Boris.  Living with 2 dogs with severe
arthritis has enabled me to find new products that work.  One of them we
liked so well, we started selling it.  <g>.

We use products made by Pet Max Naturals.  Hip Health and Healthy
Recovery.  Hip Health has made a major difference in both my sheltie's
(tramatic arthritis after being struck by a car) and my male pyr's hips.
(plan ol' poor breeding).

Both products have glucosamine, ester C, vitamin E, bromelain and other
amino acids, and Healthy Recovery has creatine as well.  Healthy
Recovery is for injury, stress and over-extertion.  Hip Health is for
day to day life.  My sheltie gets 1/2 scoop at each meal (2x daily) and
the pyr gets 1 scoop at each meal. 

I can honestly say that these products have made a difference in their
lives.  I notice that Bear jumps now, as oppossed to walking slowly. 
I've decided that as all my dogs get older, I will start them on this
product to help them.  

If you need any more information, I'll be happy to provide the exact