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Re: [PyrNet-L] Introduction

Hi Pyr-lovers:
Thought I would finally introduce myself after being a "lurker" on this list 
for a while.  I became "owned" by my first Pyr in 1988, when I brought 
"Summer" home from the breeder at 8 weeks of age.  She was the joy of my life 
and we had 10 wonderful years together.  I lost her to osteosarcoma in 
February 1998.  In June 1998 I adopted a delightful 15-month-old female Pyr, 
Heather, from the Pyr Rescue here in Southern California.  Now she is the joy 
of my life and has really help to ease the pain of losing Summer.  Heather 
and I are currently preparing to become a certified Pet Partner team with 
Delta Society's Create-A-Smile Animal Assisted Therapy program.  

I have been following Clondike Kintsfather progress with tears and smiles 
from the beginning, and enjoyed the wonderful pictures of her success at the 
National in Chicago.  What a girl!  Keep up the good work, Clondike!

To Elisa and Boris:  With regard to Boris' osteoarthritis, I wonder if your 
vet has suggested Cosequin DS.  My nephew's 8 year old Newfy was diagnosed 
with arthritis in his back and back legs, as well as slight hip dysplasia in 
the left hip.  He weighs 200 pounds and it was taking him 6 to 8 attempts to 
get up on his back legs.  Our vet prescribed Cosequin DS, which supposedly 
helps rebuild cartilage, and even though he gets up slowly, it's usually on 
the first try. He still can't walk very far but it is a definite improvement 
over the way he was.  Just a thought for Boris. 

and Heather (the rescue Pyr) and Bear (the goofy Newfy)