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[PyrNet-L] Re: Boris and ostoearthritis

Thanks for everyone who has been posting about Boris.  The current problem I 
am told is the lack of cartiledge in his knees -- it is virtually gone 
although the Dr. can't say for sure what remains, if anything, since xrays 
are imperfect.  But suffice it to say they aren't showing much cartiledge, 
along with missing anterior cruciate ligaments which would provide internal 
knee stability if they were present.  Boris is not over weight, but he's not 
underweight either.  He has been on glycoflex and glycosamine since August 
which is the same thing as Adequan or Cosequin, and remains on it.  We had 
terrific results until recently when he pulled his ligament.  Unfortunately, 
nothing can replace the cartiledge and once its gone -- its gone.  You can 
only manage the results, with the downside that if you make it painfree, more 
damage is done when your dog becomes active.  I can just imagine what the 
Rimadyl dog in the commercials (the one that is leaping over tall cars and 
buildings with a single bound) is doing to himself in the process.    I'm 
interested in the Health stuff -- but it sounds similiar to Glycoflex with a 
few additional things like the Ester C.  So far, no surgery has been 
developed to replace entire knee joints, cartiledge and all.  It's just so 
frustrating to stand by and see an otherwise healthy dog be limited in this 
fashion, with the knowledge it's all downhill from here.   We just take each 
day at a time.  Thanks for your support.