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[PyrNet-L] Allergies

Sierra is a hardcore allergy sufferer and we tried everything when we adopted 
her.  Most expensive "free" dog! <g>.  There are several conservative 
treatments for allergies unrelated to food.  You can try a combination of 
fatty acid supplements/antihistamines (prescription and non) and see if they 
work.  If a food alergy is your problem, you start with one food, say rice, 
for a couple of weeks and see if that helps, and if it does, add foods to see 
if it makes a difference.  You can use the pred, but it is for the short term 
and weaning them off it has consequences.  We had Sierra on it and she got so 
dull and lethargic that I took her off and she practically schewed her tail 
off.  Or, you can bypass the trial and error and go right to allergy testing. 
 We finally did that with Sierra and found out she was allergic to lots  of 
foods, molds, and dust mites.  We were able to get an anti-immunity serum 
made, that built up her immunity and that was the end of all the infections 
and red tummies.  She still scratches, and I have to watch her ears for yeast 
infections, but its nothing like it was.  Testing is about $500 for both food 
and other allergies, and the serum runs about $90 but lasts for several 
months.  Actually cheaper than all the drugs/supplements we were using 
otherwise.  Hope this helps.  

Elisa Ungerman