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Re: [PyrNet-L] Re: Boris and ostoearthritis


thanks for the additional info on Boris, and I can only tell you that my
sheltie is in the exact same situation.  He was on rimadyl with no
apparent effect, then the newer drug (which I can never remember the
name) that has seemed to take the place of rimadyl.  We tried shark
cartlidge, glycosamine alone, and any other suggestions.  All with no
apparent effect.  

We then tried hip health and I can tell you, it works.  To see the same
dog that had been up until that point laying down for almost 22 hours a
day (tell me any sheltie you know that does that!) jump around and play
and run again, well that was all I needed to tell me it was effective. 
As a matter of fact, I brought him to chicago for the national, and he
was busy trying to take on any pyr that walked by his door the whole
time!  Also spent some of his time trying to herd the geese.  

also remember that there are no side effects to hip health as there are
to rimadyl.  believe me, I've looked and talked to the company many
times and am confident of its content.

I've come to the conclusion that as my dogs get older I will start them
on it for maintenance just to assist them in their 'golden years'.  Good
luck to Boris, and I hope he feels better soon.

> Thanks for everyone who has been posting about Boris.  The current problem I
> am told is the lack of cartiledge in his knees --