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Re: [PyrNet-L] Allergies

> I understand that Pyrs can tolerate Benadryl for their allergies . We
> haven't been able to find anything that actually works from our vet .

Benadryl does work - I just don't like to use any drug for long periods
of time without the vet monitoring it. What has the vet tried? Have they
found the source of the allergies? I know this isn't easy in a dog but
it does make a difference in what works and what doesn't.

> . Also, he (vet) said that dogs can be on steroids for an unlimited time
> , I have heard that is not a safe option .

This scares me - for some dogs the steroids work and it's the only way
they can get relief but the dogs must be monitored for side effects,
some of which require blood work on a periodic basis.

If anyone has any ideas other
> than Benadryl we will be happy to hear other options as well . Our poor
> baby is just miserable .By the way we are having spring weather (50-70
> degrees) so I'm sure this is the cause for the itchies . Thanks in
> advance for any and all suggestions !

I have a couple here that have "spring itchies". My oldest has taught me
a few things as when she was younger I thought she had allergies - turns
out she just gets itchy when the old coat goes and the new coat is
coming in. Daily brushing to get the old coat out seems to help. I have
also found that Francodex has an itch relief spray with oatmeal in it
that helps, I also give them baths with oatmeal shampoo. 

Before anyone jumps on me, I have a vet that wants to try they simple
before the complex and tends to do her best to find the source of the
problem before prescribing meds.