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Re: [PyrNet-L] Chat: Pyr Cross-Stitch Designs

This is all very interesting, however are you speaking in english Warrick

Sandy Dyment,
Pyrview Reg'd.
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From: Colette and Warrick Wilson <warrickw@bond.net>
To: pyrnet-l@pyrnet.org <pyrnet-l@pyrnet.org>
Date: Wednesday, April 07, 1999 9:06 PM
Subject: RE: [PyrNet-L] Chat: Pyr Cross-Stitch Designs

>The web site is working for all browsers now.
>> > The link posted is http://www.bond.net/~marnicdesign
>> It appears to be a problem with MS IE vs. Netscape Communicator.
>> Being the long haired hippy freak that I am, I never use IE if
>> I can help it.  and that site is doing "something" IE specific.
>> (a very bad practice, in the web design field).
>> I have alerted them of the "problem".
>> Richard
>The problem was an errant ROWS="" inserted by the HTML editor I use.
>Apparently IE 4.0 and Opera 3.5 ignore this, or default to 1.
>Netscape required a value, which I added.  I don't ever try to code to
>a specific browser, but the two test browsers I had on my machine both
>interpreted the page as I expected.  Opera 3.2 doesn't interpret the
>page in its original form, and since the Opera guys seem to code
>fairly close to the W3C recommendations, I wonder whether the Netscape
>implementation is flawed in some way.  Something to take to the
>browser newsgroups, I guess.