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Re: [PyrNet-L] Shampoo

This is the shampoo we use on our pyr also.
Efa Hylyt, soap free/hypoallergenic.....etc.
We buy it from our veterinarian, who reccomended it early in our puppyhood 
(8-16wks) when we were fighting puppy acne and dry skin.  
It works wonderfully, and smells GREAT!  Made by DVM Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  
I've never seen it offered in a catalog.  I also reccomend the Efa Hylyt Bath 
Oil spray for the occasional spiff up.  Works well as a temporary doggie odor 
fix, and can be mixed with water to use as an after shampoo rinse, has a nice 
perfume to it also, kind of cedar/pina colada-ish.

We've also used Snowy Coat (by Lambert Kay) on occasion, I like the 
"whiteness" it adds, but for some reason, the "cleanness" doesn't last as 
long as after bathing with the Hylyt.  (Does that make sense??)  Maybe Hylyt 
cleans better/deeper and we can get by with many many more rolls in the mud 
followed by a good brushing than when using the Snowy coat.  Therefore I see 
it as a quantity vs. quality issue.  More expensive shampoo, but fewer 
baths......cheaper shampoo.....more baths.  

Just my two cents!