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[PyrNet-L] Soap-Free Shampoo

According to both of the vets that I have asked, the company that makes
Advantage will only stand behind the product if it is used with a
SOAP-FREE shampoo.  There are very few out there and I do not like the
one we are using.  One vet told me that if you only wash the dog about
once a month or so, you could maybe get by with using a detergent
shampoo, but that any more times than that, he would not advise.  As a
matter of fact, we have even been told that following the Advantage
suggestions to use a soap-free shampoo may not be enough with frequent
bathing and the product may be washed off anyway.  Apparently the
company has waffled back and forth regarding whether the product washes
off, but several vets have told it that it absolutely does and to limit
bathing until she is due for another application and to always use a
detergent/soap-free shampoo.  The breeder we got Margo from was told the
same thing by her vet.  I know that you can't use a flea shampoo with
the product, but you can't just use any other shampoo, either, without
decreasing the effectiveness.  Unfortunately, we are using Advantage and
Sentinel (which contains Program for flea control) BOTH at our vet's
suggestion because we have a problem in our area with sand fleas and we
have gotten several fleas off Margo even with the combined protection,
so I really don't want to compromise the effectiveness of the topical
prevention by using just any shampoo.

Thanks for all the input regarding the shampoo question!