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Re: [PyrNet-L] Soap-Free Shampoo\Flea Control

With the no-rinse shampoos you spray it on (I mix it with some water
as it lasts longer), work it into the coat and then towel dry. When Bo
was a puppy and we had a flea problem, I was bathing every other week.
I used Murphy's Oil Soap. Any shampoo left on for 5 to 10 mins.. will
kill fleas. He never had a skin problem and was always clean. Now when
they make a mess of themselves I just put them in the crate until they
dry (this is of course when they get muddy) and the dirt falls off in
the crate. A once over with the pin brush gets the rest of it out. For
the last several years I have used Garlic oil capsules for flea
control. Works like a charm for my dogs. Can't use the odor free ones,
it's the smell in the skin that repels fleas. I switched to this years
ago as I lost my Mother and a sister to cancer and don't like using
any chemicals. I don't treat the yard and I don't or haven't had a
flea problem for many years. We have sand fleas here too. The best
flea treatment I've ever had for outdoors is a couple of hens that we
bought. Back in 1988 we had a terrible time with fleas. We sprayed and
sprayed but nothing worked. We bought 3 hens and never had a problem
after that. They ate the fleas that hatched and kept the ground turned
up to expose the eggs to the weather. We can't have hens where we are
now, but using the Garlic oil caps I have not had a problem.

Barb Bowes, NJ down at the shore!
Bo, Molly, Chelsea & Flopsy the Pyr Shep
The more people I meet, the more I like my dog!