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[PyrNet-L] Re: Chat: heavy dogs! Dog ramps

<< In a message dated 4/11/99 6:14:56 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
joan@ZIEHL.COM writes:
 << just want to point out that the ramps can be purchased through Our Dog 
Bleu, and part of the sale goes to national rescue fund.  Also the company is 
coming out with a newer ramp, one for dogs up to 200 lbs.  It is made of a 
telescope design rather than the straight ramp.  This way it can be 
positioned out further so your dog is not going up so steep a hill.   It's in 
testing stage now, but should be ready in about 6 weeks.
  The site can be found at:  http://www.ourdogbleu.com
  Look under For Your Dog.
    I have tried this a number of times since I found your site and it never 
works. After you click on "For Your Dog" or any other topic and then it goes 
to a site that shows a grid with items listed in different squares. What 
then? If you click on the items mentioned in the squares, nothing happens! 
Any suggestions?
 Janice Vocke
 Shelton, WA.