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    This is interesting since my fiance and I plan to move to Albuquerque in 
a year or two. I wish we could be there now to bring our girls to the Pyrnic! 
Anyway, my first Pyr sighting was actually when I was about four or five 
years old. I used to love this cartoon show on Nickelodeon called "Belle and 
Sebastien". It was about a little boy and his companion, a great big white 
Pyrenees!! I watched the show religiously, all the while thinking I would 
have a dog like that someday! 
    Well, lo and behold I adopted two sisters almost two years ago from a 
shelter after seeing their picture in the paper! I named one of them Belle 
after my beloved cartoon character (and she looks just like her) and the 
other Zuni after a Pyr I met in Taos, New Mexico. My fiance had watched the 
same cartoon as a child, so it was just meant to be for both of us! We are 
all one big happy family now. I only wish I could find that cartoon show on 

-Emily Hainsworth
Castle Rock, CO