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Sigh!.....  I'm from Albuquerque originally and really get homesick when i hear
people discussing it.  i know exactly where menual and wyoming is...

which leads me to my next thought.  i would like to share with you my first ever
pyr sighting.  i would hope this would prompt others to share their stories of
the first pyr they every met and the impact it had on them to eventually get one
or other circumstances surrounding your first brush with the breed.  so, i'll
start, but i want others to share as well!

the first pyr i ever saw was in albuquerque, at the international balloon
fiesta, the year was around 1988 or so.  if you've never been, i highly
recommend it, it happens the first two weekends in october.  anyway, for those
of you who've never ballooned you may not know the routine.  you get up really
early, go to the launch site, set up, launch, soar, land, and then typically you
go to the propane filling station with thousands of other pilots and crew
members.  it was filling our propane tanks when i first laid eyes on Buster, the
first pyr i ever met.  there in the midst of a crowd of thousands, with lots of
weird deafening noises (propane tanks being filled and placed back into truck
beds), stood Buster.  he was completely nonplussed by all the activity, all the
noise, and all the attention he was attracting.  it ends up Buster was famous in
those parts for actually going up in hot air balloons and putting his paws up on
the side of the balloon during flight.  having inherited a spastic spaniel mix
from an abusive roommate, i looked in awe at Buster's composure.  my dog would
have been going nuts, yet, this dog stood as if the world were standing still.
i of course asked the owner his dog's name and breed and he told me politely if
not a little weary from answering that so often.

from that moment on, i knew that was the dog i wanted.  now, 11 years and 2 pyrs
later, my fiance and i are convinced that we will never be without at least one
pyr in our lives.

now you share!