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It's funny just like our first physical love everyone remembers where they 
first fell in love with these big white horses. I was in the Brookfield Zoo 
petting zoo about 30 yrs or so and had never seen like those great white 
dogs. I don't know if they belonged to an employee or what but they were just 
there and let everyone pet (petting zoo  duh)I didn't think at that time 
about getting one but I was really impressed by them.  A few years later a 
friend of my brothers came up with a dog just like the others so I guess it 
was love at second sight.
I now have my own, Quincy, who is 2 1/2 he came from a working farm but we 
just live in the burbs so he's retired except for his jont in the mud, I call 
him my mudder. He has a Leonberger for a house mate both are neutered. And 
what one doesn't think of the other does.  Just like human siblings.

A few months ago when I drove my husband to work someone pushed in my front 
gate, it had a big ole padlock on it, and the boys went for a walk on their 
own. They ended in a mans yard who had a few cats. When he looked out his 
door they were playing with these cats. My guys have never been around cats, 
but are excellent with other dogs. He called the police who in turn left a 
message on my phone.
When I got to the police dept. here they were sitting in the dispatch office 
being fed treats. Who could ask 2 better breed of dog than the GP and Leo.

I have taken my guys for the last couple years to Special Olympics and the 
kids love them. Last year in Southern Il. Allstate Ins. asked me if they 
could borrow my guys for a few minutes as the kids wanted their souvenior 
picture taken with the big white and brown dogs. They became real hams that 

Well enough about us it hasd been real fun reading your messages this week. 
Just getting used to this computer so I didn't know you existed before.

Suzi, Quincy and Tex