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[PyrNet-L] Help in Tennessee needed

I am forwarding this from the FlockGuard list in case anyone can help this
sweet dog:

Date:    Tue, 13 Apr 1999 15:36:21 -0400
From:    Mary Brownell <brownll@SOVER.NET>
Subject: FW: RESCUE: TN Assistance needed: abandoned Pyr, 4 pups

**Prevent rescue - Support breeders who spay/neuter and microchip**

        Joan Fremo >pyrangel@WEBTV.NET> writes:

 Hi all!
 I have a situation near Lancaster TN, 1 hr east of Nashville. I need
 rescue contacts for that area. Please email me privately.

 This concerns a Mom Pyr with 4 pups dumped in the country. There are no
 animal control or Humane Societies in the area. I have called the
 Nashville Zoo, TN wildlife Resource Agency, and every trapper in the
 book. No help! Momma is not aggressive, only leary of people--can you
 blame her--and the friends I sent were able to feed her from their
 hands, but with pups not present were afraid to attempt capture. Reports
 are now there are only 2 pups, unknown as to reason. Farmers will grow
 tired of feeding, dogs will become nuisance and will be shot. This has
 gone on too long. Please respond! email to: Pyrangel@webtv.net

 Mom dog can be seen here:

 Please help me to restore the trust that was broken in this girl. Thank
 you,  Joan Fremo

 Florida Pyr Rescue, dedicated to the care and placement of abandoned and
 abused Great Pyrenees in the State of Florida. Est.1989