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[PyrNet-L] First Sighting

My introduction to Pyrs was totally by accident . I work in home health
care and one of my patients wanted a pet . She asked me to take her to
our local  shelter . I did . While she was interested in small rodents (
yes they receive all kinds of pets ) I checked out the cats and then the
dogs . I walked down the U shaped row of kennels and stopped suddenly at
a filthy white very furry dog . He only weighed  87 lbs. He was cowering
in the corner and wouldn't even come to the door to be petted . I
immediately went out to the reception desk and asked how late they were
open . I then dug my cell phone out of my purse and informed my husband
he would be leaving work early . He met me ther two hours later . That
was a Wednesday . We picked Bailey up that Sat. he was neutered on Fri.
the 13 th June 1997 . Before we met him we had never heard of the Great
Pyrenees . That night (wed.) we went to Barnes & Nobles and read every
thing they had on Pyrs , then across the parking lot to PetSmart where we
left with about $500.00 less than we walked in with . Bailey now weighs
130 lbs. and is very healthy and happy .
 Bailey was picked up running loose , he had tags on  . The owners were
notified , but they never showed to retrieve him . I can't imagine being
that kind of a person . But, they also did us a  favor by allowing us to
become the lucky owners of a loving ,sweet , beautiful  and intelligent
animal that has become a very important part of our family and the St.
Vincent De Paul 4th grade boys soccer team mascot . Everyone he has met,
he has charmed , including us !
Sorry this is so long , don't mean to bore everyone !
Jodi & Steve Slusser