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[PyrNet-L] First sighting

I have thoroughly enjoyed the "first sighting reports" that
started each of our love affairs with the Pyr. I am amazed and
the number of rescues, and while dismayed at the number of these
dogs that have wound up in shelters, pleased at the new families
they could join.

The first Pyr I ever saw was in 1968 in the French Alps. My
room mate and I were doing the "Grand Tour" and got totally lost
in France. We stopped at a country inn, and there on the floor
in the main room was a large white dog laying between
two couches in a spot where a coffee table would normally be.
While my friend got directions I approached the dog. HUGE. My
hand, from tip of middle finger to heel of the palm, was shorter
than the width of his skull. 

He made no move toward me, neither aggressive nor friendly, but
tolerated me and my presence. This was exactly the kind of dog
I wanted.

After I got back to the states, I told my then boyfriend, now
long time husband about the dog I saw, and we started looking
for one. If my memory serves me, at this time there were around
3000 registered Pyrs in the US, and when we finally identified
the breeder we chose to purchase from, we waited for almost one
year to get a puppy. Just in time too. It was 1970, and we had
just purchased a house in "the sticks" of upstate NY. My husband
of 1 year was being drafted, leaving me alone with a "hopefully 
guard Puppy." This was our first Patou, and he was true to the 

The rest is an almost 30 year love affair with the Great Pyrenees.
Can't imagine living without one. Thanks for letting me share
this. It brings back so many very good memories.

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