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[PyrNet-L] Chat: big dog questions

 Q: "How did he get soooo big?"
  A: "We put Miracle Grow in his water."
  Q: "Do you have a saddle for that thing?"
  A: "Oh no, he's been trained to carry me in his mouth."
  Q: "What kind of dog is that?"
  A: "It's not really a dog, it's a cow. He's just a little confused."
  Q: "How much does he eat?"
  A: "Two kids a week."
  Q: "Why is he so big?"
  A: "We live near a nuclear power plant."
  Q: "Does he bite?"
  A: "Only on Tuesdays. Oops, that's today, isn't it?"
  Q: "How much does your dog eat?"
  A: "How much do you weigh?"
  Q: "Can I ride him?"
  A: "No, he charges too much."
  Q: "What do you feed a 150-pound dog?"
  A: "Anything he wants."
  Q: "Have you fed that thing today?"
  A: "Why? Are are you missing a kid?"