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Re: [PyrNet-L] Re: Puppy Day finally came!

funny story not pyr related but the perfume reminded me of it.

most perfume purchases for women is made by men (65%).  apparently an older
gentleman, armed with his wife's christmas wish list, went into a department
store and asked for "anus anus" perfume.  the sales clerk could barely contain
her laughing!

i'm a marketing professor and this story is part of our marketing folklore...

sorry to take up mail space.


"Tracy Bassett" <espinay@dynamite.com.au> on 04/16/99 05:38:02 PM

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Subject:  Re: [PyrNet-L] Re: Puppy Day finally came!

> I too have had an "ANAIS" - and I belive it is correctly pronounced "ANAY"
>as in "away". The "s" is silent in French.
>     Gorgeous name,
>                Geraldine

Ditto on the Georgeous.  Isn't their a perfume of that name? 'Anais Anais' I
think.  But then nothing could smell as sweet as a new Pyr puppy!!! :-)

Tracy Bassett
Canberra, Australia