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[PyrNet-L] Chat:Life's Good

A Message of Hope:
	I had an interesting experience today hearing from/dealing with
people who saved a dog (non-Pyr) from a potentially devastating
situation. First, let me stress that I know these people quite well. It's
safe to say they are not necessarily dog people (though they put up with
my endless procrastination about my love of Pyrs-but then, that may be
what friends are all about). Secondly, when I opined that maybe referring
the dog to the Humane Society would have resolved the issued, I was
almost stoned.  Anyway, here's the criptic story:
	Owner of dog requires medication to interact with society. Owner
chose not to take medication. Owner parks truck in parking lot at local
tavern and walks away leaving dog imprisoned. Unbeknown to local
authorities re: dog, they pick up individual and commit him to local
hospital. Good news-employee shows up for work the next morning and
notices/becomes concerned with dog in truck and provides
water/walk/affection. Later in the day, a patron at the tavern (who I can
attest is not a dog lover) went and purchased some dog food. Suffice it
to say, "abandoned dog" became a "Cause Celebre"! Employee, against the
desires of boy friend, takes dog home for the night. Dog is placed out
back in a shed and, not surprisingly, raises hell. Employee ignores it
all. Boy friend eventually brings dog into the house (suprise!) and dog
sleeps peacefully next to boy friend who spent night on the sofa. Come
morning, employee and boy friend decide dog needs some seriouis
grooming/bath. After a chat with tavern owner, owner (who has yet to see
this dog) orders employee to have dog bathed and groomed. 
	Employee shows up for work and sees note in truck providing a
contact point to return dog to rightful owner. Employee, patron, and
premise owner say "no"-we will not return "dog" until we are assured 
"dog" will be well taken care of. Guardian of individual involved visits
tavern and explains that "dog", also known as "Shasha", is the center of
life to his owner. And, when owner lapses with medication, guardian takes
care of dog. New "owners" insist on meeting with actual owner-after which
they agree to return "Shasha".
	 Apparently, the reunion of Shasha and her master was quite
emotional, which spilled over to  Shasha's new "owners". There's no doubt
that Shasha has a place to go in the future.
	Oh, if only all the dog stories were to end so well!!!

Michael Felix
Bellingham, Wa.