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Re: [PyrNet-L] Re: Puppy Day finally came!

Just wanted to thank you all who responded.  She is doing fine.  I think I have
quite a handful, here.  She is very sweet, but is already trying to climb the
dog food bins to reach the kitchen counter and today she was chasing my Irish
Wolfhound all over the yard.  Good exercise for him <G>.

Stephanie & Anais

Tracy Bassett wrote:

> > I too have had an "ANAIS" - and I belive it is correctly pronounced "ANAY"
> >as in "away". The "s" is silent in French.
> >
> >     Gorgeous name,
> >
> >                Geraldine
> Ditto on the Georgeous.  Isn't their a perfume of that name? 'Anais Anais' I
> think.  But then nothing could smell as sweet as a new Pyr puppy!!! :-)
> Tracy Bassett
> espinay@dynamite.com.au
> Canberra, Australia