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[PyrNet-L] Chat: my Pyr Thom is on the web



a bunch of pictures are up of my pal Thom (Thomas Wyckam of Stonewick)
including puppy pics, Best Puppy in Show (at Caledon Dog Show - Toronto,
Nov 98). Thom was the only Pyr at the "Credit Valley - Puppy of the
Year" show at Toronto in Dec. 98.  Also pics of plenty of his relatives.
This site is under construction, more pics of his relatives will be
posted - especially "at work and play". 

The Caledon Show - Toronto - Nov. '98
Thom is very much a pet, we go to very occasional dog shows - and only
if they are close to home. I never thought I'd be into beauty contests
for dogs, but  it was quite a thrill when Thom won big at Caledon over
stiff competition.  Well over 500 puppies were registered at the show.
It was on the Saturday, a day of many specialties and boosters including
the big Pyr specialty (was it the National or Provincial on the
Saturday?). Anyway, lots of great dogs were registered at what was one
of Canada's busiest shows of '98. Thom was being shown by our handler -
15 yr old Isaiah. I was not expecting much, other than seeing some good
Dogs, having some fun watching Thom and Isaiah in the ring, checking out
vendors, usual show stuff.  But Thom unexpectedly kept winning. After
Thommy took breed I thought - maybe he'd get a group placement, he took
the group. Wow, when he was up for best in show, I thought anything
could happen. I couldn't believe how comfortable Isaiah and the pup
looked in the ring. These 2 kids did not look out of place. When they
took 1st, I thought our cheering section (check out the family shot)
would break a noise by-law. 

Well I guess we're hooked. We'll keep taking Thom occasionally to shows,
as long as everyone still has fun (including Thom).

Joe Fonseca