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Re: [PyrNet-L] Chat: my Pyr Thom is on the web

Very Good!!!!   Never know ....do you!!!   Congratulations to all.  Joy
McCarron (Maggie's Mom)
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From: Joe Fonseca <joes@julian.uwo.ca>
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Date: Tuesday, April 20, 1999 11:29 AM
Subject: [PyrNet-L] Chat: my Pyr Thom is on the web

>a bunch of pictures are up of my pal Thom (Thomas Wyckam of Stonewick)
>including puppy pics, Best Puppy in Show (at Caledon Dog Show - Toronto,
>Nov 98). Thom was the only Pyr at the "Credit Valley - Puppy of the
>Year" show at Toronto in Dec. 98.  Also pics of plenty of his relatives.
>This site is under construction, more pics of his relatives will be
>posted - especially "at work and play".
>The Caledon Show - Toronto - Nov. '98
>Thom is very much a pet, we go to very occasional dog shows - and only
>if they are close to home. I never thought I'd be into beauty contests
>for dogs, but  it was quite a thrill when Thom won big at Caledon over
>stiff competition.  Well over 500 puppies were registered at the show.
>It was on the Saturday, a day of many specialties and boosters including
>the big Pyr specialty (was it the National or Provincial on the
>Saturday?). Anyway, lots of great dogs were registered at what was one
>of Canada's busiest shows of '98. Thom was being shown by our handler -
>15 yr old Isaiah. I was not expecting much, other than seeing some good
>Dogs, having some fun watching Thom and Isaiah in the ring, checking out
>vendors, usual show stuff.  But Thom unexpectedly kept winning. After
>Thommy took breed I thought - maybe he'd get a group placement, he took
>the group. Wow, when he was up for best in show, I thought anything
>could happen. I couldn't believe how comfortable Isaiah and the pup
>looked in the ring. These 2 kids did not look out of place. When they
>took 1st, I thought our cheering section (check out the family shot)
>would break a noise by-law.
>Well I guess we're hooked. We'll keep taking Thom occasionally to shows,
>as long as everyone still has fun (including Thom).
>Joe Fonseca
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