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[PyrNet-L] Urgent Forward

Subj:	 Urgent:  Pyrs held hostage in Hickman TENN
Date:	4/20/1999 11:22:07 PM Central Daylight Time
From:	ELM@cc.usu.edu

    A pyr rescue has been under attempt by many folks near Nashville 
Tenn.in the last month.  The exact town is Hickman Tennessee in Smith
County.  Just today, the gentleman who
traveled all the way from Athens GA to capture a pyr mom and her
4 pups was told at gunpoint to leave the area.  The gentleman with
the rifle said to refer a message back to the rescue woman if she
wanted the dogs she would have to come up with $150.00 ea or
they would be dead tomorrow.  He had already bragged about
having 2 in captivity and would shoot the others.  The woman in the
area feeding these scared animals was also threatened at gunpoint
in her own yard.  It seems the Sheriff had better things to do with
his time then to respond to everyones distress calls.  Many people
have tried to rescue these animals but resulted in failure.  If anyone
knows of someone in law enforcement or close to it who can help
to prevent this massacre, please notify Joan Fremo asap at
pyrangel@webtv.net.  We need law enforcement's help, because
people's lives have already been threatened and this is a
humanitarian effort to preserve these unfortunate dog's lives.
Please cross post.