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[PyrNet-L] Update on Pyrs in Tennessee

Joan Fremo asked me to post this update on the Pyr mom and pups dumped in
Tennessee.  Thanks so much to those of you who responded and tried to help.
"ATTN! The previous post concerning the TN rescue is inacurate, and I am
afraid it will do more damage to an already volitile situation. Where
ever you have seen the post , please, PLEASE, forward this message. 

I have been trying to arrange rescue of Mom and four pups dumped near
Lancaster. After several unsuccessful attempts were made at capture, a
Florida gentleman volunteered to drive the nine hours to make rescue
attempt. He was well outfitted, and prepared, had proper meds, and
permission to be where he was. 

We did not know that two of the animals had already been caught until
after he had left FL. The person who captured these pups figured that
they must be valuable, or why the fuss to capture.He apparently does not
understand the humanitarian motives behind rescue. 

In the morning, My FL representative was informed the Rescue lady could
have them for $150, we were also informed that this person would get
them all, and would shot them. In the afternoon, Mom dog was under
sedation, but not yet down. She was keeping company with my rep, who was
quietly sitting nearby her, waiting for her to either go to sleep or
come to him. A hunter type, bearing shotgun, startled Mom who ran away.
This person informed my friend that the dogs would end up shot unless
rescue paid, and he would be shot if he interfered. 

Threats were also made to the original finder of the dogs. The Sheriff
could not respond to my call as no one had made a complaint.(I am,
afterall, calling from FL) He asked that I have the parties involved get
in touch with him. Neither my rep, or the woman feeding these dogs filed
a report with the Sheriff office. Though it is an ugly situation,
neither felt the need for law enforcement. The Sheriff DID NOT ignore my
call, but was unable to proceed without a complaintant. I fully
understand this. 

The situation is already bizarre, inflaming it will not solve anything.
I will not send anyone after these animals again, and I strongly suggest
ALL contact be ONLY those directly involved. It is bad enough some fool
thinks he can make a buck off these unfortunate animals, but how foolish
would it be to risk injury. Cooler heads will prevail! 

This IS being handled, and no further assistance is needed. Thank you
for your time, and please cross post to where ever original was seen.
Joan Fremo 

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