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Re: [PyrNet-L] Sassy is at the rainbow bridge

So sorry to hear about Sassy  but she is now in a good place with plenty of
friends to romp and play with.  Our sympathies are with you.   Joy McCarron
(Maggie's Mom)
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Subject: [PyrNet-L] Sassy is at the rainbow bridge

> Hi list,
> I just thought I would post to everyone to let you all know that my 5 1/2
> old Sassy has passed over to the Rainbow Bridge after a short bout with
> Parvo. She was fully vaccinated but the vet seems to think the strain had
> changed somewhat.
> Sassy was a show pup/good friend/family member/baby sitter. We loved her
> dearly and will always think of her. There will never be another like her.
> Sassy was with us from birth until death and has brought so much joy not
> to our family but to others who's lives she touch. we will miss her
> Tammy Hardin
> Souix Pyrs@aol.com
> 1-256-551-0080
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