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[PyrNet-L] BREDDING:American verses French

Hello to you,
    Joe got me thinking and off and running while I read about the
French Nationals and standards. Heres where I ran too:
> It was really nice to hear Joan's description.  I have been reading of

> Joan's and Janet's French pyrenees experience.

> From what I have heard, read and seen photos of and about pyrs in
> their country of origin they are massive in size! Personally this is
> one of an array of traits and features that initially attracted me to
> our gentle giants. I by far prefer and even expect a "Giant Breed" to
> look like one. I have seen perhaps thousands of pyr photos and
> viewed,  some up close and personal by now. It seems to me that a
> considerable number of American pyrs have been getting smaller and
> smaller in size. Sometimes this is also seems to be mixed with  an
> almost extreme striving for elegance.

> I do not get it!  I of course, am not a breeder or shower of pyrs. I
> am rather a pyr- mother, pyr- lover, pyr-play and soulmate! Therefore,

> I feel quite comfortable in voicing my novice opinions without risk of

> offending anyone. <g>.

    I am*not* speaking of specific breeders anyway. I am speaking about
what I have witnessed these recent years in general. I do not  really
know what 'the judges' want or why they want what they do. I do not even

know precisely what any one individual breeder wants and goes for in
their own bloodlines or pedigrees, unless I ask them.    I do know what
I like!
    I do know that my 'first sighting of a pyr,' along with pyr mania
and love at first sight came from The AKC Complete Dog Book that Daddy
gave to me  in 1955. My childhood memories are excellent! I will never
forget *that* photograph!
    That photo was of an immensely- sized, gorgeous, full-coated, white
male giant. That type of Great Pyrenees is what I see and love the most
as pyr perfect. Even with the Paul Strang's books and such, I have heard

many pyr people say that it is not  realistically so, totally accurate
or there is room for them and other breeders to be different than what
the so-called experts or authors have written of. Etc.
    In the fourth printing of my copy of the book, The Complete Great
Pyrenees; the size on page # 75 states and I quote, "The average height
at the shoulder is 27" to 32" for dogs, and 25" to 29' for bitches. The
average length from shoulder blades to root of tail should be the same
as the as the height in any given specimen. The average girth is 36" to
42' for dogs, and 32" to 36" for bitches. The weight for dogs runs 100
to 125 pounds, and 90 to 115 pounds for bitches. A dog heavily boned;
with closed cupped feet; double dewclaws behind and single dewclaws in
    The newer Strang book say's about the same, with the exception of
reference to an 85 pound bitch who's height would be 25". I haven't yet,

thoroughly checked with Mary W. Cranes, The Great Pyrenees as yet.
Perhaps someone is already familiar with it here.  <VVBG>. I did do a
bit of skimming and found some most interesting headings listed on pg. #

81. Under the breed standard she mentions, " some dissertations thereon,

interpretations thereof and suggestions of* minor* changes pertinent
    In the 15 ish years of owning pyrs, I've been too, too lazy or
indifferent to join the GPCA. I usually don't like joining anything
structured anyway. ( Which BTW, is a compliment to all of you from me!
)  Does The Great Pyrenees Club of America take a more unwavering stand
on this? If they take a stand at all, is it not in harmony and
conjunction with *All* of The Great Pyrenees Clubs worldwide? As soon as

we love our first great white, do we who love pyrs not at that instant
become responsible to them? And then, therefore also become pyrenees
caretakers and pyrenees protector's of our giant guardians? Not just of
our own but, for all Great Pyrenees, as we would for all children.
Accountable in love and duty to pyrs in rescue, private families, puppy
mills, pet stores, show rings, and for those perhaps most important at
*certain* levels, our brave and noble hero's and heroines that are
LSG's. Still, after millenniums plugging away and doing what nature, not

man, always intended them to do. Be our truest guardian angels here on
earth! Shouldn't and wouldn't we we not all  want to work for the very
best for them in return?
    If not why not? Would that not take a lot of the harmful politicking

out of all of some thing?
    I know from viewing most all of the old photos, paintings,
lithographs and such, even when the pyrenees was portrayed as being at
the optimal of elegance he still looked like the great giant that he
    Are some breeders trying to breed giant breed problems out, by
purposely making their lines smaller? Is it for health, for a new
fashion or new generation of breeders? Or is it for  consumer
desirability,  to set new standard's, show pyr politics or pyr- peer
pressure or what? Why would any pyr lover want to change the original
perfection of perhaps the oldest dog on earth? The breed that some
believe seemed to just "appear, after the wolf", as the first dog The
only dog just maybe, that mankind has *not* breed for himself!
    That is enough observation and opinion for me. What about yours?
    Yours in pyr spirit,