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Re: [PyrNet-L] CHAT: Dakota's home & looking good!!

SOOOO  glad ALL is well and Dakota is fine and Sean is happy!!  Joy McCarron
(Maggie's Mom)
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>   Update on Dakota, Albert's dad that was missing for almost a week:
>     His cut was under his eye. Nothing serious. Dakota looks good.  He's
> a bath and gotten groomed.  When he returned home  he was really hungry
> he ate a big bowl of food and then just fell at Sean's feet, flopped his
> about four times and started to snore!!  Then he slept the whole next day.
> Sean's still keeping him confined.   I wanted to tell you all that he's
> Janice Vocke
> MagEBroD@aol.com
> Shelton, WA.
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