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[PyrNet-L] Re: Breeding: American vs.....

I have been reading all the posts on this thread with interest.
Resently my husband and I attended the GPCA national. While many of the Pyrs
we saw were impressive and very well groomed in my opinion 90% of them in no
way resembled the illustrated Pyrs that are in The Great Pyrenees Standard
Visualization and Commentary booklet.
I have to agree with what Joe has said
"Many people have no clue what is correct to begin with. Look at the old
pictures of Estat and his brother Estagel. Look at any picture of a "de
Soum" dog and you know this is the type that is the Great Pyrenees. I think
many assumed they could make the Great Pyrenees "better" but again in my
opinion for the most part we have lost the true Pyrenean type that
unfortunately in the long run is going to be hard to get back.........

Sandy Dyment,
Pyrview Reg'd Great Pyrenees.