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Re: [PyrNet-L] Triglycerides & Cholesterol

>On a non Pyr thought (but a supplement thought)............ my father has
>health problems lately, we found out a week or so ago that his Triglycerides 
>were in the 900s and his Cholesterol is around 270!!!!!! He was having 
>symptoms of a heart attack yesterday, and was rushed in for an emergency 
>Cardiac Catheter. (injection of dye to try an locate damage or blockage)
>found only slight blockage thank the Lord! But anyway- I asked the doctor 
>what he thought of the supplementation, and he said it would be 
>wonderful-along with proper diet and excercise. So I have started my dad on 
>Juice Plus, Garlic, and probably will start him on some Soy Isoflavones that 
>help reduce "bad" cholesterol and promote "good" cholesterol. So we will
>But I talked to the doctor for a while, and I was glad he thought so highly 
>of supplements! 
>Sorry so long and un-Pyr!  :)

After reading this post, I don't wish to make light of Melissa's father's
health but wanted to add my own.  I just recently have been discharged from
the hospital and also want to thank all those who sent me get-well emails.
Also when I got back, I had 1100 email messages mostly due to the two pyr
lists over the last month so I guess I missed a lot as I do not have the
energy to read them all.  I was diagnosed with Pancreatitus.  My
Triglycerides were 5412 (five thousand, four hundred, and twelve) and my
Cholesterol was 704.  These numbers should not be over 200.  Let me tell
you that this is severely painful, so please get yourself checked out if
you suspect your levels might be high. I have not been allowed to eat or
drink for almost a month now.  I get every thing I need thru a tube.  At
this point, my dog's food smells wonderful.  I am at home now, but nurses
come out to change my I.V's and take blood back to the lab.  And I am on
narcotics so don't anyone expect me to get into any "arguments" for
awhile...  (g)   Things are getting better,  I have lost 30lbs this month
and that is a good thing.  It was great to get back home and see "Teddy"
again.  We both missed each other a great deal.  We also missed all the
shows for April that I had him entered in.   I have done so well to look
over my dogs health and didn't bother with my own.  Again I wanted to say
thanks to the emails and let this be a word of warning for us who have let
our health go a bit and to go get a checkup. 

Tim Parks