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Re: [PyrNet-L] Breeding

Wonderful reading!!!!   Joy McCarron (Maggie's Mom)
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Hi Joe,
 I think my old Dad and Doris probably went to the same school!! He was famous for making such statements too.
Interesting reading the posts this morning (NZ time). I've just visited again the GPC site and re-read the Breed Standard. Very little difference to the other 2 standards and one word that is applicable  to all 3 standards is the word "Balance". A dog must be balanced back and front. This balance comes from firstly a leg in each corner, hopefully all of the same length!! On top of that a body which is slightly longer than the height of the dog giving plenty of heart and lung room for a working dog. A moderate length of neck with a small amount of dewlap permitted, head on top, tail at other end. It's what goes in between that causes the problem and this is Breed Type.  There is another type around and that's known as Kennel type where Breeders will not go out of their back door and search for a stud dog to compliment,maintain and enhance what they already have.(For example) look at the number of Pyrs imported into America by Mary Crane, into the UK by Madam Harper and even into a wee place like this (from 1947) . It amazes me that these Pyrs all came by boat, journeys of weeks and months yet today can be in another country in a matter of hours. These ladies knew that to keep up the standards they had to have new blood every so often and went to great expense to ensure this was so yet today we are all guilty of maybe not looking hard enough at other folks' Pyrs and seeing what their stock could do for our Breeding. They don't have to be your best buddies but they may well have bred an outstanding dog, lovely head, height, breed type but we seem to be hesitant to ask maybe for fear of being knocked back and then we don't ask at all and the Breed could well be the loser in the end.
The height factor (too little, too much) has been around for a long time and it's just one of many areas we've all discussed over the years along with heads, bone, structure, coats etc and Pyrnet seems to me to be a great place to read about all these things as a learning process as to how we can do our best for our Breed.
Thankyou for reading!!
Jan Chaplin Ariege-Roussillon Pyreneans
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