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Re: [PyrNet-L] Triglycerides & Cholesterol

>WOW Tim you must have been one sick puppy!!!!!  Do you have diabetes???  I
>heard high triglycerides were a forewarning.  Yes we all should take care of
>our own health and not just the doggies health!!!  Or our kids and
>spouses!!!   Thankfully you are feeling better and will be even better
>soon!!   Joy McCarron (Maggie's Mom)

Yep, found out I was diabetic last year and really didn't do as much about
it as I was suppose to.  But now that I have experienced pancreatitus and
the fact that my mother died of pancreatic cancer, I need to take it much
more serious.  I can get up and walk around now, but am tubed to a backpack
that has my IV and pump.  I was wondering what the Judges might think if I
showed up in the showring with the backpack.  (g)   
I picked up a couple of nutrition software that is really neat.  Plenty of
recipes, and then you can add your own too.  It does all the nutrition
analysis automatically and menu planning.
To keep this pyr related, perhaps if their is anyone out there that home
cooks for your dogs and interested in the nutrition analysis of what your
feeding them, you can email me your recipe and I will send back the results. 
Thanks everyone for your get well wishes...

Tim Parks