Help For Alak


Welcome to the network Alak server. The rules of Alak are below. The challenge and move commands for Alak are described here. Other commands are the same for all pbmserv games.

Alak[-n] is Copywrite 2001 by Alan Baljeu. It is used here with his permission. (This version of Alak is a reworking of the rules to a game proposed by A.K.Dewdney that can be found in his book "The Planiverse"; a sci-fi book exploring the science of a 2-dimensional universe.)

Alak Command Summary

alak challenge userid1 userid2 [ -n ]
Start a new game of Alak.

-n is an optional number size of the board. The board may range from 7 to 26 in size. If an illegal number is given then the default size will be implemented.
Alak challenge me you -23

Note: when asking for challenges to Alak[-n] on the server's mailing list, it is appropiate to include the board size you wish to play.
"I wish to play Alak-9"
"Please challenge me to Alak-17."

alak move board userid password move
move consists of a single alphabetic character. The range of the allowed characters depends on the size of the board.
Alak move 123 me mypassword c

Rules for Alak

In a mystical land of only two dimensions, the people play an ancient game of Go. This game is unique since it is played on a one-dimensional board. Captures take place by surrounding your enemy with your own pieces or capturing against the board's edge. A player is not allowed to move to a location that was recently captured. As soon as a player cannot make a move, the pieces on the board are tallied and a winner is determined; only the pieces left on the board count towards a player's total.

	 A B C D E F G
	 O - X O - O /  
"X" may capture at either 'B' or 'E', but may not play at 'G' (a recently captured spot).

	 A B C D E F G
	 X X - X X O -  
"O" may capture four enemy at 'C'. If "O" moves to 'G' then "X" will be forced to play at 'C' and will win the game 5-2.
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