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Help For Andantino


Welcome to the network Andantino server. The rules are below. The commands are the same for all pbmserv games.

The players take turns attaching pieces of their color to two or more other pieces (in a hex-like lattice) in an attempt to form a line of 5 or more pieces of their color in a straight line, or to fully enclose a group of one or more opponents pieces.

Rules for Andantino

Copyright 1995 David Smith 37 Bannister Place, Christchurch, New Zealand

  1. Each of 2 players plays one hex shaped piece in turn to the playing area (no board). The first player plays light colored pieces. The second player plays dark colored pieces.
  2. The second piece played must touch one edge of the first piece. Thereafter newly played pieces must touch at least two pieces already in play.

THE GAME IS WON by the first player to either

  1. complete a straight line of 5 own pieces or
  2. fully enclose (i.e. "trap") any one or more opponent's pieces inside 6 or more own pieces

Note: Traps can surround empty spaces provided they are fully enclosed by the winning player's pieces in addition to one or more loser's pieces.

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