Help For the Game Of Chaos


Welcome to the network Chaos server. The Chaos challenge command is described here. Other commands are the same as for all pbmserv games.

    chaos challenge userid1 userid2

Starts a new game between userid1 and userid2.


Chaos is a hexagonal piece-jumping game in which enemy pieces are flipped rather than captured.


The board is set up as follows. O moves first.

1 2 3
               / / / 4
                    / 5
        a-   o o o   /
       b-   o o o o   
      c-   . . . . .
       d-   x x x x
        e-   x x x

Each turn, the current player must move one of their pieces in a sequence of jumps. Each jump must be over a solid line of pieces of the same colour (no empty spaces) but subsequent jumps may be in different directions. Any enemy pieces jumped over are immediately flipped to the mover's colour, which may affect following jumps on the same move.

The piece being moved may return to its starting position, but each move must change the board state.

No Repeat Rule: Players may not repeat a jump or play the reverse of any jump made within a move.

Outer Circle Rule: Any move that ends on an outer cell must flip at least one enemy piece.

Aim: If a player has no valid moves on their turn, then the opponent wins. The losing player must make a "pass" move to end the game.


O moves first. The move syntax is:    

    chaos move board# userid password a2-c2-c5

This would move the O piece at a2 to c2 and then to c5. All landing points within a move must be specified.

    chaos move board# userid password pass

Players should pass to end the game when they have no moves.


Chaos was invented by Alan Tonisson.

Implementation and help file by Cameron Browne, Dec 2009.