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Help for ChuShogi and DaiShogi


Welcome to the network ChuShogi and DaiShogi server. The rules for ChuShogi and DaiShogi are below. The chushogi "challenge" and "set" commands are described here. Other commands are the same for all games.

chushogi challenge userid1 userid2 [ -drops ] [ -handicap=xxx ]
chushogi challenge userid1 userid2 [ -dai | -daishogi ] [ -lion ] [ -drops ] [ -handicap=xxx ]
Start a new game between userid1 and userid2. The first form starts a game of ChuShogi. The second form starts a game of DaiShogi.

The full syntax for the "-handicap" option is described on the shogi help page. Two special handicaps are defined:

Black begins the game with his Kylin promoted to a Lion.
Black exchanges his Phoenix for White's Kylin and promotes both Kylins.

The "-drops" option enables drop moves when playing ChuShogi or DaiShogi.

The "-dai" or "-daishogi" option starts game of DaiShogi instead of ChuShogi. The primary difference between the two games is the size of the board.

The "-lion" option enables the ChuShogi rules for Lion captures and for promotions when play DaiShogi.

shogi set userid password [options]
These are the available options.
 flip      : Rotate the board if you are playing Black (default)
 noflip    : Black is always on the bottom

 standard  : default board style     |\ N/|/+P\|
 alternate : Shogi-L board style     | wN |+bP |
 small     : Small board display     |wN bG bP+|

Rules for ChuShogi and DaiShogi

ChuShogi is a large Shogi variant played on a 12x12 board with 92 pieces. DaiShogi is even larger, played on a 15x15 board and with 130 pieces. Both games follow the same rules as shogi, with the addition of many new pieces, and a few extra rules as noted below.

The most notable piece in ChuShogi and DaiShogi is the Lion. The movement of the Lion is quite unusual, but can be summed up as follows: The Lion may jump to any space within two spaces of its starting space, OR is may make two consecutive king moves, capturing on either or both moves. A more complete list of the possibilites is:

  • The Lion may move or capture to any neighboring space, like a king.
  • The Lion may jump (and capture) to any of the 16 spaces which are two spaces away.
  • The Lion may move to a neighboring space and back again, which accomplishes nothing, but allows the player to pass if he really wants to.
  • The Lion may capture a neighboring piece, and then make another king-move away from where the piece was captured.
  • The Lion may capture a neighboring piece, and then move back to its original space, thus seeming to capture without moving. This is referred to as an "igui" capture in Shogi variants, and can be notated as "Lnx!4f".
  • The Lion may capture two pieces in one turn, but capturing a piece on a neighboring space, and then making a second king-move to capture a piece next to that one.

Note that the promoted Dragon Horse (Horned Falcon) and the promoted Dragon King (Soaring Eagle) have lion powers which are limited to certain directions, allowing them to occasionally make a double capture or igui capture as well. The promoted Kylin IS a Lion.

These are the differences between Shogi and ChuShogi or DaiShogi.

  1. Both ChuShogi and DaiShogi are normally played without drops. (If you want a really long game, you can play with drops by specifying the "-drops" option on the challenge command.)
  2. The promotion zone is the last four rows in ChuShogi, and the last five rows in DaiShogi.
  3. The promoted Drunk Elephant, or Crown Prince, is a second royal piece. If a player promotes his Drunk Elephant, he essentially has two kings, and both must be captured or checkmated to win.
  4. The Lion is a very exceptional piece, and has some exceptional rules in ChuShogi. The net effect of these rules is to prevent the exchange of Lions in most circumstances, which keeps the game more interesting. (DaiShogi does not normally use these rules, but they can be enabled with the "-lion" challenge option. e.g. "chushogi challenge -dai -lion")
    • A Lion may not capture another Lion which is two spaces away unless the Lion it is capturing is unprotected. There is no restriction on capturing a Lion in a neighboring space.
    • If your Lion is captured by a piece other than a Lion, you may not capture the opponent's Lion on the next move, except with another Lion.
    • Both of the above rules do not apply if the Lion is captured as part of a double capture, and the the first piece captured is not an unpromoted Pawn or Go-Between.
  5. There are a couple extra restrictions on promotions in ChuShogi. (Again these are not normally used in DaiShogi, but are also enabled with the "-lion" challenge option.)
    • If a piece declines promotion when is first enters the promotion zone, it may not promote on its next move unless it makes a capture.
    • If a pawn declines promotion when it enters the promotion zone, it may not promote until it reaches the last rank.

Pieces used in ChuShogi and DaiShogi

  • An 'x' indicates a square which the piece may move or jump to.
  • A line indicates the piece may move any number of squares in that direction.
  • A number indicates the piece may move in that direction up to that number of squares, but not jumping.
  • 'a' and 'b' indicate Lion moves. The piece may jump to any of the squares, or it may make two consecutive king-moves on these squares.
  • The Angry Boar, Cat Sword, Evil Wolf, Flying Dragon, Iron General, Knight, Stone General and Violent Ox only appear in -daishogi.
    x                                 x x x
  x ABx   Angry Boar (dai)            x+ABx   Gold General
    x     promotes to Gold General      x     promoted Angry Boar

  \   /                               \ x /
    B     Bishop                      x+B x   Dragon Horse
  /   \   promotes to Dragon Horse    / x \   promoted Bishop

  x   x                               x | x
  x BTx   Blind Tiger                 x+BTx   Flying Stag
  x x x   promotes to Flying Stag     x | x   Promoted Blind Tiger

  x x x                                 x
    C     Copper General             --+C --  Side Mover
    x     promotes to Side Mover        x     promoted Copper General

  x   x                               x x x
    CS    Cat Sword (dai)             x+CSx   Gold General
  x   x   promotes to Gold General      x     promoted Cat Sword

  x x x                               x x x
  x DEx   Drunk Elephant              x+DEx   Crown Prince
  x   x   promotes to Crown Prince    x x x   promoted Drunk Elephant

  \ x /                               \ a /
  x DHx   Dragon Horse               --+DH--  Horned Falcon
  / x \   promotes to Horned Falcon   / | \   promoted Dragon Horse

                                    b       b
  x | x                               a | a
 -- DK--  Dragon King                --+DK--  Soaring Eagle
  x | x   promotes to Soaring Eagle   / | \   promoted Dragon King

  x x x                               x x x
  x EWx   Evil Wolf (dai)             x+EWx   Gold General
          promotes to Gold General      x     promoted Evil Wolf

  2   2                               x x x
    FD    Flying Dragon (dai)         x+FDx   Gold General
  2   2   promotes to Gold General      x     promoted Flying Dragon

  \ | /
 -- FK--  Free King                           (none)
  / | \   does not promote

  x x x                               \   /
    FL    Ferocious Leopard            +FL    Bishop
  x x x   promotes to Bishop          /   \   promoted Ferocious Leopard

  x x x                                 |
  x G x   Gold General               --+G --  Rook
    x     promotes to Rook              |     promoted Gold General

    x                                 x x x
    GB    Go-Between                  x+GBx   Drunk Elephant
    x     promotes to Drunk Elephant  x   x   promoted Go-Between

  x x x                               x x x
    IG    Iron General (dai)          x+IGx   Gold General
          promotes to Gold General      x     promoted Iron General

  x x x
  x K x   King                                (none)
  x x x   does not promote

    x                               b b b b b
  x   x                             b a a a b
x   Ky  x Kylin                     b a+Kya b Lion
  x   x   promotes to Lion          b a a a b promoted Kylin
    x                               b b b b b

    |                                 \ | /
    L     Lance                        +L     White Horse
          promotes to White Horse       |     promoted Lance

b b b b b
b a a a b
b a Lna b Lion                                (none)
b a a a b does not promote
b b b b b

  x   x                               x x x
          Knight (dai)                x+N x   Gold General
    N     promotes to Gold General      x     promoted Knight

    x                                 x x x
    P     Pawn                        x+P x   Tokin
          promotes to Tokin             x     promoted Pawn

x       x
    x                                 \ | /
  x Phx   Phoenix                    --+Ph--  Free King
    x     promotes to Free King       / | \   promoted Phoenix
x       x

    |                                 x | x
 -- R --  Rook                       --+R --  Dragon King
    |     promotes to Dragon King     x | x   promoted Rook

    |                                   |
    RC    Reverse Chariot              +RC    Whale
    |     promotes to Whale           / | \   promoted Reverse Chariot

  x x x                                 |
    S     Silver General              x+S x   Vertical Mover
  x   x   promotes to Vertical Mover    |     promoted Silver General

  x   x                               x x x
    St    Stone General (dai)         x+Stx   Gold General
          promotes to Gold General      x     promoted Stone General

    x                                 \   /
 -- SM--  Side Mover                 --+SM--  Free Boar
    x     promotes to Free Boar       /   \   promoted Side Mover

    |                                 \ | /
  x VMx   Vertical Mover               +VM    Flying Ox
    |     promotes to Flying Ox       / | \   promoted Vertical Mover

    2                                 x x x
  2 VO2   Violent Ox (dai)            x+VOx   Gold General
    2     promotes to Gold General      x     promoted Violent Ox


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