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Help For G-Pente


Welcome to the network G-Pente server. The rules of G-Pente are below. The commands are the same for all pbmserv games.

Rules of G-Pente

G-Pente is the same as 2- player Pente except for the following opening rules suggested by Gary Barnes:
Move #1.
Ohs first move of the game is automatically made to the center K10.
Move #2.
Eks makes an unrestricted move
Move #3.
Ohs move may not be within 2 spaces of the piece at K10. In addition, Ohs move may not be 3 or 4 spaces away on a line thru the center. In other words, Ohs must follow the old tournament rule but may not move to K13, K14, N10, O10, K7, K6, G10, or F10 on this turn.
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